Saturday, November 13, 2010

Best Trip the ER EVER!!

We were attacked by the never-ending, stomach virus this week. Daddy = down 3 days , KT = down 4 days; Mommy = down 2 1/2 days; McK = miraculously healthy.

Thursday, we had to send out for the reserves - (Thanks, Grandma K! ) - to take care of Kaitie since her parents were too ill. But as KT continued to throw up for the third day, I packed her and headed to the EmergiCenter. (Wait, dear Reader, the good part is on the way!)

Now, KT hasn't eaten for three days, drank very little and is sleeping on the floor when the nurses wake her up to give her anti-nausea med's and fluids in an IV. KT hates the blood pressure cuff, ooh an IV will be fun! NOT! After 3 minutes of trying to calm her down by singing (didn't work), I gave up and decided to use this as a "teachable moment" to try to connect KT's emotions to the situation.

I started with "KT, are you mad because you are stuck?" She repeated that and added "Down"

Then as they poked her "KT, are you mad because it hurts?" (When else can I teach her what "hurts" means?) She repeated that and added "I want to go home."



Then she added "Bad, Bad Mommy".

:) Isn't that cool! KT could figure out who was to blame AND let them know it!

I know it's not a "typical" milestone but we are very happy!

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