Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Afternoon of Day 1

We're back. Today we met with Dr. Marc Patterson, the infant neurology specialist, CurlyGirl gave a urine sample and we met with the surgical team for tomorrow's procedures. Dr. Patterson interviewed Daddy and I for about an hour and we received the first scheduled version of our week. Dr. Patterson is going to run some more extensive DNA tests which will be looking for genes with missing, moved or extra sections of genetic information. (This is why we study genetics!)

In order to run these tests, they need more DNA samples. So, tomorrow KT will be sedated so the surgical team can 1) Draw blood 2) Remove skin and muscle samples 3) perform a spinal tap. We won't know what time she is scheduled for surgery until after 8:00pm (CST). Some of these samples are being sent to New York and Georgia for testing and analysis.

Thursday, we meet with a genetic historian, a genetic counselor and then again with Dr. Patterson at the end of the day. And we should be done; however, we have already paid for the hotel room and our schedule could change.

This is the end of the today's blog for family, friends and students. Later tonight, I'll write a posting for people who are bringing toddlers to the Mayo Clinic describing the types of things we wanted to know before we came.

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